Expires October 25, 2018 the competition notice reserved for cartoonists and graphic designers over 18, Italian or with permanent residence in Italy, aimed at creating a heroine - shiro - that embodies the values ​​and actions of the Istanbul Convention on the Prevention of Violence against Women, telling a story that can inspire others and to work to transform society and counter this persistent phenomenon.

The competition is part of the European campaign step up!, coordinated by Wave Network - Women against violence Europe, the European network of anti-violence centers, and created in Italy by D.i.Re, Women on the net against violence, which brings together 80 women's organizations running anti-violence centers and shelters in 18 regions.

There are 46 European countries participating in the competition in all.

The creations of the top 3 classified in each country will converge in a European publication widespread among young women, aimed at increasing awareness of the change that women can bring to society if they act together, consciously and creatively, against violence.

The first and second classified will also receive two cash prizes offered by D.i.Re.

The papers must be sent by midnight of October 25 to:





Step Up! 2018 is looking for young artists - cartoonists
Create an S-Hero against violence against women!

Are you a graphic designer or cartoonist over 18 who has a passion for socially engaging comics and who aim to stimulate positive change in society?

We would like to invite you to put your talent for women's rights to good use!

The campaign Step Up! is a European project of the network WAVE, Women against violence Europe(1), made in Italy with D.i.Re, Women on the net against violence, the national network of refuges run by women's organizations, which since 2016 aims to strengthen the commitment to stop violence against women, raise awareness of the problem and protect women and girls who have survived violence.

For the 2018 Wave StepUp! wants to involve young artists on the subject of domestic, psychological and / or sexual violence for a dissemination also among young people of the principles and norms of the Istanbul Convention, or the Council of Europe Convention on preventing and combating violence against women and domestic violence(2), which aims to prevent gender-based violence and protect women and girls who are victims of violence.

Wave Network is looking for cartoonists who imagine and represent their vision and their interpretation of a female model to imitate, the character of a shiro, a heroine who is an agent of positive change in society.

Imagine a day in Shero's life, whose work concerns the prevention and elimination of violence against women and girls. Imagine where most of the violence takes place. Inside the home? In intimate relationships? On the road? What would Shero do if she witnessed it? What if she experienced them? What would it take to deal with them?

We ask you to give us your vision of a protagonist of a comic able to take up this challenge. to support women and girls in need of help and to inspire others to be drivers of change in society.

The call is open to artists aged 18 and over, of Italian nationality or with permanent residence in Italy.

The call expires on 25 October 2018.

The cartoons, in electronic format, must be sent to the Italian referents of the campaign, whose jury of experts will select up to three artists per country.

Wave Network will publish the work of the winners at European level in an original language publication, accompanied by an explanatory text and a short profile of the artist in English.



The creations of the three finalists will be included in a European publication edited by WAVE, Women against violence Europe, which will be distributed in Italy by D.i.Re, Women on the net against violence.

The three finalists will receive a bag with gadgets designed for the campaign, sent to their addresses and 3 prints of the publication with their works together with those of other winners.

D.i.Re is also up for grabs two cash prizes:

1st classified: € 300,00

2nd classified: € 200,00

Wave Network e D.i.Re reserve the right to invite one or more artists for further collaborations in the future.


How to register

Your application must contain:

  • A one page comic art creation, where an original and inspiring female protagonist is presented, a Shero (you can also give her another name), a role model, a positive change agent in a real-life situation. The history of comics must be linked to the theme of domestic, psychological and / or sexual violence as described in the Istanbul Convention. Both the Italian language with English subtitles and the English language can be used.
  • La card identification with personal data, including the date of birth (3), and the description of the artistic project of the comic.
  • Yours short biography with your possible nick name, if you have one, if you want to use it instead of your real name in the publication that WAVE will make.
  • Scan of the declaration of free transfer of copyright completed and signed, which allows WAVE Network e D.i.Re to use your artistic creation for the publication and promotion of the StepUp Campaign! in the period 2018-21. Your rights as an artist are fully respected and your intellectual property fully protected.


Download the forms to participate in the competition: 


Deadline for registrations

All required documentation must be sent to the email address


by 24.00 on 25 October 2018.


Communication of the winners

The list of winners will be published on the website of D.i.Re www.direcontrolaviolenza.it starting from 30 October 2018.



For more information regarding the call, you can write to the email address:



(1) WAVE, Women Against Violence Europe is the only European network formed by women's organizations focused solely on the elimination of violence against women, girls and girls. Founded in 1994, it currently brings together more than 140 non-governmental organizations in 46 countries.

(2) Refer in particular to the Articles 3 - Definitions, 33 - Psychological Violence, 35 - Physical violence and 36 - Sexual violence including rape. The text of the Istanbul Convention in Italian can be downloaded here: Istanbul Convention.

(3) The date of birth is only required to verify the age of majority and will not be published.