D.i.Re was born from the will of 45 women's organizations.

Today the network has 82 organizations, which manage anti-violence centers and shelter homes throughout the national territory.

Association of Women and Justice ONLUS, Ancona

Pronto Donna Association, Arezzo

Association of the Observatory Giulia and Rossella Anti-violence Center ONLUS, Barletta

Belluno Women's Association ONLUSBelluno

Association Help Woman Exit Violence ONLUS, Bergamo

Association House of Women for not being subjected to violence Onlus, Bologna

GEA Association for Women's Solidarity and Against Violence - Verein GEA Für die Solidarität unter den Frauen gegen Gewalt, Bozen

NPO Women's House Association, Brescia

Thamaia-Onlus Association, Catania

Woman Como Telephone Association, How

Association Center against violence against women "Roberta Lanzino"Cosenza

Association of Women Against Violence Onlus, Cream

SOS Woman Association, Faenza

Women's Justice Center Association, Ferrara

Artemisia Association, Florence

UDI Association Welcome Center for not being subjected to violence ONLUS, Genoa

SOS Rosa ONLUS Association, Gorizia

Association Da donna a Donna ONLUS, Ronchi del Legionari

Olympia de Gouges ONLUS Association, Grosseto

Association of Women Against Violence - Frauen gegen Gewalt - ONLUS, Merano

Association The other Half of Heaven - Telephone woman of Merate, Merate

CEDAV Women's Anti-violence Center - ONLUS, Messina

Social cooperative Cerchi d'Acqua scarl ONLUS, Milan

Association of Hospitality Home for Battered Women ONLUS, Milan

Association House of Women against Violence ONLUS, Modena

Association of Aid Center for Battered Women , Monza

Arcidonna Napoli ONLUS Association, Naples

Le Onde ONLUS Association, Palermo

Non-Violence Center Association, Parma

Cooperative LiberaMente. Pathways of women against violence, Pavia

Telephone Rosa Piacenza, The City of Women Association, Piacenza

Volunteers Association - Pink telephone onlus, Mantua

Women's House Association, Pisa

Women's Voice Association ONLUS, Pordenone

Pink Line ONLUS, Ravenna

Intercultural Association - Nonodasola - Women together against violence ONLUS, Reggio nell'Emilia

Association of Women in General ONLUS, Rome

Women's Coordination Association - Anti-Violence Center, Trento

EOS ONLUS Association, Varese

Association House of Women ONLUS, Viareggio

Erinna-Women Association against violence against women, Viterbo

Onda Rosa Antiviolence Center, Nuoro

Spazio Donna Association, Caserta

Demetra Association - Women in Help, Lugo

Ananke ONLUS Association, Fishing

"LA NARA" Anti-violence Center, Lawn

GOAP Association, Trieste

Women's Support Association, Rome

Safiya ONLUS Association, Polignano a Mare (BA)

Amica Donna Association, Montepulciano (SI)

Luna ONLUS Association, Lucca

Donatella Tellini Onlus, L'Aquila

AIDA Onlus Association, Cremona

Veneto Projects Center for Women, Padua

Iside Social CooperativeMestre

Anti-violence Centers EMMA onlus, Turin

Trama di Terre Association, Imola

The circle of relationships, Genoa

Alzaia Onlus voluntary association, Tarentum

Onlus Association DonneInsiemeValdElsa, Siena

Io Donna Association, Toasts

Frida Association, San Miniato (PI)

Antiviolence Center Me. Goddess, Alexandria

Association L'Albero di Antonia, Orvieto

Anti-violence Center Vivere Donna onlus, Carpi

Association Donna Chiama Donna, Siena

Association Break the Silence Onlus, Rimini

Association Actively Involved Onlus, Tropea

Save Anti-violence Center of the Social Promotion and Solidarity CooperativeTrani

Associazione Libera… mind womanTerni

Association DonneInsieme "Sandra Crescimanno"Piazza Armerina

Ester Scardaccione Women's House - Telephone Woman Association, Power

Association At your side Onlus, Roccalumera (ME)

L'Orsa Minore Onlus Association, Lodi (ME)

Woman Resources Association, Atina (FR)

SOS Women's Group, Bologna

MIA Movement Meeting Listening AssociationCasalmaggiore (CR)

Women together against non-profit violencePieve Emanuele

Lucha y Siesta women's house, Rome

Voluntary Association of Telefono Rosa Verona, Verona

Women's Center Association Against Violence, Aosta