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Ukraine Emergency / World Refugee Day: UNHCR-UNICEF's action continues in partnership with ARCI, D.i.Re, Save the Children and Stella Polare in response to people on the run

2022-06-16T10:37:43+02:00June 15 2022|Press releases, News|

A little more than 100 days after the start of the conflict and in two months of activity, the two blue dots - safe spaces dedicated to women, children and people with specific needs, opened in Friuli Venezia Giulia by UNHCR and UNICEF in partnership with ARCI, D.i.Re, Save the Children and Stella Polare, have already reached 2600 people.

D.i.Re – Donne in Rete contro la violenza with UNHCR and UNICEF

2022-04-21T16:18:14+02:00April 21 2022|Press releases, News|

D.iRe actively participates in welcoming Ukrainian women arriving at the border crossings of Fernetti (Trieste) and Tarvisio (Udine), in Friuli-Venezia-Giulia. Thanks to the multi-year collaboration with UNHCR, D.i.Re it is present in the Blue Dot of UNHCR itself and of UNICEF, with expert operators and cultural mediators of the anti-violence centers of the Network, to give concrete support to women and girls fleeing the war. 

Italian state inadequate in the protection of women who report. Another conviction in a case of domestic violence for Italy by the European Court of Human Rights.

2022-04-07T16:39:16+02:00April 7 2022|Press releases, News|

Today is the sentence of the Edu Court in the Landi v. Italy case which again condemns our country in a case of domestic violence in which a child lost his life at the hands of his father. Once again the Edu Court notes the inadequacy of the Italian state in protecting women who report domestic violence and their children.

National Assembly: new statute, renewal of offices, continuity of values ​​and politics.

2022-05-09T15:08:00+02:00April 4 2022|Press releases, News|

In a very participatory assembly, for the first time in attendance after two years of pandemic, D.i.Re – Donne in Rete contro la violenza it renewed the members of the elected bodies, which will coordinate the organization of the Association for the next three years. Antonella Veltri, former President of D.i.Re since 2019, it has been unanimously confirmed and will be assisted by the Board of Directors, which is composed of: Anna Agosta, Elena Biaggioni, Cinzia Marroccoli, Francesca Maur, Ersilia Raffaelli, Nadia Somma, Manuela Ulivi, Mariangela Zanni. To complete the bodies of the Association, Ethel Carri, Federica Lucchesi, Francesca Vuaran were elected as members of the College of Guarantors of D.i.Re.

Women continue to die at the hands of men

2022-03-30T12:09:10+02:00March 30 2022|Press releases, News|

The latest news stories tell us about the death of Carol Maltesi, dismembered and thrown away, found more than two months after the femicide; and the killing of another woman, killed by her husband who then shot himself with the same murder weapon. Two other femicides add to the long list of women who died at the hands of a man they trusted. Male violence against women and feminicides must be countered with systemic actions and with continuity.

Women's networks for peace | D.i.Re launches a fundraiser to support women's organizations in Ukraine

2022-03-07T12:04:46+01:00March 7 2022|Press releases, News|

Together, against the violence of war, we support the resistance of Ukrainian women. Ukrainian women's organizations are asking for support. Since the beginning of the war, in addition to continuing to guarantee the activities they offer to women, they have mobilized to support and support them in their condition of displaced persons and refugees. D.i.Re - Women Against Violence Europe Network has chosen to contribute concretely to the activities of the three Ukrainian organizations that are members of the European network of anti-violence organizations WAVE Women Against Violence Europe Network: the correspondence of intent, approach and vision, together with the guarantee of their integrity, gives us the certainty that the funds will be used to the fullest.

Sexual violence: shameful acquittal in Busto Arsizio

2022-01-28T20:46:50+01:00January 28 2022|Press releases, News|

The Criminal Court of Busto Arsizio acquitted Raffaele Meola - trade union representative of CISL - of the crime of sexual violence. The woman who suffered the violence is a flight attendant who had turned to Meola to be supported by the union in a work case. We are once again faced with organs of the judicial system that act according to stereotypes and prejudices that make women held responsible for not preventing the violence they suffer.

Varese. Cynical and cruel to put the blame on the mother. The judiciary uses this opportunity to correct the flaws in the procedures

2022-01-07T16:59:51+01:00January 7 2022|Press releases, News|

"An ignoble discharge carried out by the Gip of the Court of Varese, to blame Silvia Gaggini, mother of little Daniele, killed by his father Davide Paitoni, the responsibility for his death". Antonella Veltri comments on the statements of the Gip of Varese. D.i.Re he asked for a meeting with the Minister of Justice Marta Cartabia.

Varese. Veltri: “The same script is repeated. Violent fathers must not be able to continue to see their children ”.

2022-01-03T16:13:01+01:00January 3 2022|Press releases, News|

We express all the closeness and solidarity of D.i.Re to the mother of little Daniele killed by his father Davide Paitoni yesterday in the province of Varese, and so much anger at seeing the same script repeated. "Violent men should never be considered adequate fathers but rather a danger to sons, daughters and their mothers." The president's comment D.i.Re, Antonella Veltri

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