In 2009, a few months after the birth of D.i.Re, the group was formed Data and Research which has given itself, as its first objective, the creation of a data collection relating to the women received and hosted with their girls and their children by the anti-violence centers of the D.i.Re.

The intent at the beginning was to collect comparable and homologous data, through a simple and shared grid, so you can have a overall and precise picture of the work carried out by the centers. For the first year of activity, a minimum form was drawn up to be used for the 'retroactive' collection of 2008 data. In the following three years, innovative indicators were added, considered more significant by the centers but often invisible to current statistics, which have made the grid more complete and exhaustive than the phenomenon and the work of the centers themselves.

In 2012 the survey started with a paper form, while subsequently the data collection takes place through a database that allows a further expansion of the data considered and their faster processing, thus drawing on more analysis tools. A report is published annually.

The group is coordinated by Sigrid Pisanu and Paola Sdao collaborates with it since 2017.

In 2009, the constituents group collaborated with different times and methods:
Anna Costanza Baldry (Female Difference - Rome), Lella Palladino (EVA - Caserta), Raffaella Di Cola (Female Difference - Rome), Tatjana Tomicic (GOAP - Trieste), Gabriella Provinzano (Pink Line - Ravenna), Lucia Ferilli (Female Friend - Montepulciano), Stefania Zurli (Artemisia - Florence), Sigrid Pisanu (Women against violence - Merano), Francesca Pidone (Casa della Donna - Pisa), Sara Musante (UDI - Genoa), Francesca Giovannini (Linea Rosa - Ravenna), Barbara Bastarelli (Antibiolence Center, Trento), Anna Pramstrahler (Women's House, Bologna), Giuditta Creazzo (Women's House, Bologna).

"Knowledge is power and the absence of knowledge has a political meaning ... when in the preface of a given topic there is written statistics or data not available this means that, despite intrepid efforts, we have not been able to find or have access to information… We find them continuously in the categories of rape, incest, sexual harassment, etc.… these are still issues that cannot be talked about in most of the globe ”. See Robin Morgan, Sisterhood is global, 1984.