Today, we are a group of 84 organizations on the Italian territory, which manage over 100 anti-violence centers and more than 60 shelters, listening to about 21 women every year.

D.i.Re – Donne in Rete contro la violenza it was formally established on 29 September 2008, after 30 years of informal activity on the national territory among the non-institutional and women-run anti-violence centers.

Already in 2006, 57 local organizations drafted the Charter of the National Network of Anti-violence Centers and Women's Homes, political document that preceded the drafting of the statute and which is the basis of the formal constitution of the Network.

The National Association bases its work on the experience of local realities and has the aim of building a national political action that knows how to promote the fundamental cultural change for the contrast and overcoming of male violence against women.

The actions of D.i.Re are aimed at making visible the phenomenon of male violence against women, changing the perception of its entity and gravity in society to place it among crimes against humanity, through:

  • actions for the visibility of the methodology and activity of the anti-violence centers present on the national territory,
  • initiatives to spread awareness of the phenomenon of violence,
  • research projects, with a view to reflecting on experiences and continuous and widespread training for the Centers and for the territory.

The national association D.i.Re she is an interlocutor of national and international institutions, also for the elaboration or modification of legislation relating to women's rights, thanks to its wealth of knowledge, processing and experience acquired over many years by anti-violence centers.


Lo Statute di D.i.Re, Women on the Net against violence, has been signed in Rome on 03 April 2022, In presence of 57 associated.

Statute of the Association D.i.Re – Donne in Rete contro la violenza (Pdf format)


Code of ethics and conduct of the Association D.i.Re – Donne in Rete contro la violenza (Pdf format)


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