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Still discounts for Genovese

2023-02-02T14:21:31+01:00February 2 2023|Press releases, News|

“The Cartabia reform has offered Genovese an opportunity presented on a silver platter, that of further reducing a sentence that had already been generously contained, with the result that it is the offended people who are waiting to obtain adequate compensation, with the concrete risk that the defendant will be released sooner than they will be compensated"

Afghanistan: universities closed for women. We open the doors of Italian universities. Appeal of D.i.Re to the rector and rectors

2022-12-21T14:13:30+01:00December 21 2022|Press releases, News|

A further, last squeeze on the freedom of women in Afghanistan: the absolute ban on university attendance, which comes less than three months after thousands of girls and women have sat the university entrance exams across the country. Last spring, the Taliban had already banned female students from attending school beyond the sixth grade, the equivalent of our sixth grade.

Women's freedom is a path that is built every day. Federica Pellegrini supports the anti-violence centers D.i.Re and their activities to combat male violence.

2022-10-28T10:58:19+02:00October 28, 2022|Press releases, News|

“Violence against women is an issue that affects everyone and everyone. For this reason, I participated with conviction in the project of D.i.Re, aware that the existence of the Network's anti-violence centers is fundamental for the many women who find themselves in situations of mistreatment or violence.

State Regions Agreement: D.i.Re asks for the approval of the Equal Opportunities Department to be suspended

2022-09-14T12:08:28+02:0014 September 2022|Press releases, News|

The National Anti-violence Network expresses concern about the approval of a text which - presented in a non-amendable form - does not consider the necessary observations of those who have been working alongside women for over 30 years to combat male violence. For this reason, a communication was sent yesterday to the heads of the Equal Opportunities Department, hoping that the dangerous critical issues reported would be heard.

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