"Presenting this bill as a prevention action, as the Government is doing, is misleading” declares Antonella Veltri president D.i.Re – Women online against violence.

In fact, while intervening with some important corrective measures - such as coordination between judicial authorities and police forces when the precautionary measure ceases, or the criminalization of the protection order issued in civil proceedings, or the greater availability of the electronic bracelet tool and the introduction of an assessment in paths for abusers or perpetrators of violence - the bill is lacking from a prevention point of view.

"The so-called 'training initiatives' are not clear and, without widespread, constant and adequately funded training, we risk being yet another declaration of intent without concrete finalization”Continues Veltri.

Furthermore, the two critical issues remain [to this link] that D.i.Re had exposed in the hearing in the Justice Commission of the Chamber of Deputies: the excessive use of police tools, the warnings, which can be dangerous or counterproductive for women who decide to speak about the violence they have suffered, and the financial invariance clause.

"As for the celebrated deferred flagrant arrest, we suspect profiles of constitutional illegitimacy, but we ask ourselves: how much is the equally celebrated emergency removal order used? How many times does the same red-handed arrest occur? In our experience, few” declares Elena Biaggioni, criminal lawyer and vice president D.i.Re – Donne in Rete contro la violenza.