The times of the COVID-19 emergency are getting longer e D.i.Re – Donne in rete contro la violenza wrote tothe Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, the Interior Ministers Luciana Lamorgese, Elena Bonetti for Equal Opportunities, the Senator Valeria Valente, president of the Feminicide Commission, the parliamentarians Laura Boldrini, Lucia Annibali, Pietro Grasso, and the President of the Conference State-Regions Stefano Bonaccini, a letter with specific requests to allow refuges to continue to ensure essential support for women victims of violence, "because now more than ever we need work of national synergy", says the president Antonella Veltri.

At the moment the centers "are facing the expenses alone to ensure compliance with the anti-contagion provisions and the possible quarantine of women who cannot be welcomed directly in the shelters," explains Veltri. “Well then the extraordinary fund announced by Minister Bonetti, but this must not affect the resources provided for the ordinary management of the national anti-violence plan and the projects of the anti-violence centers in 2020 ”.

"Furthermore these funds must be able to be transferred directly from the State to the anti-violence centers, without going through the bottleneck of the Regions”, Recommends the president of D.i.Re.

D.i.Re also focuses attention on the many women supported by anti-violence centers who are losing their jobs, with serious prejudice to their path of escape from violence and autonomy, to ask "to change the destination of the fund for micro-credit for women victims of violence, 2 million euros, announced by the Minister for Equal Opportunities last November 25, and which we do not know has yet been activated, in a fund destined to an income of freedom for women victims of violence welcomed by refuges who are currently losing their jobs in large numbers".

As for the protective measures, the advocates of the network D.i.Re point out that “Civil expulsion and criminal precautionary measures are all among the urgent and non-postponable procedures which can also be activated in this moment of tightening on the activity of the Courts ". Rather, “the problem is not in the availability of judicial remedies, but in the capacity of lreading and recognizing violence beyond its emergency evaluation".

Particular attention should also be paid "to women seeking asylum and refugees welcomed by structures of the reception system for migrants, who may have suffered violence ”, adds the president of D.i.Re, "And to boys and girls welcomed in the shelter who are not equipped with the computers and tablets necessary to ensure school continuity ".

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