APPEAL for the application of Regional Law No. 20 of 2007:

"Provisions for the promotion and support of anti-violence centers and shelters for women in difficulty"

“The Calabria Region […] recognizes that every type and every degree of sexual, psychological, physical and economic violence against women constitutes an attack on the inviolability of the person and his freedom, according to the principles established by the Constitution and by the laws in force. Women who encounter the obstacle of violence, in its various forms, are guaranteed the right, possibly with their children, to temporary support in order to restore their inviolability and regain their freedom […] ”.

These words are contained in Article 1 of the Regional Law n. 20.

This is a law promulgated on 21 August 2007 in order to "promote" and "support" the centers and shelters for women in difficulty. Actually financed in the context of the 2007 financial year (art. 17), the law also provides that "the coverage of related charges" is guaranteed with the approval of the annual budget and with the financial law that accompanies it (art. 17, c. 3). However, since its enactment, Law 20 has been foreseen as a budgetary expenditure only sporadically. That is, it has never been a structural and systemic instrument in the government action of the Calabria Region. This means that every center and reception house that operates in our territory in the sector of preventing and combating violence against women, is currently not in a position to be able to plan its activity, being able to count on the possibility of accessing derivable economic resources, precisely, by Law 20. Given the protraction of this precarious situation and disregard of the law, at this point we believe it is our duty to promote an appeal and ask the regional government that Law 20 is finally respected and that the role of intervention is envisaged for it regular.

We therefore ask citizens and all those who, from Parliament to the municipalities represent us, to SUBSCRIBE this appeal and CLAIM with us the application of a law whose failure to implement is adding new illegitimacy to old disparities, with manifest damage for women who suffer violence and for the whole community.

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