In many countries, at many different latitudes, women organize themselves, parade, collectively occupy streets and squares. Women's bodies and the international and radical protest that speaks to them are the most extraordinary expression that the world is witnessing at this moment. This global wave, if placed in the spotlight and illuminated, does not change pose, does not pose for the occasion. It simply reveals itself.

In the aftermath of the immense demonstration in Rome on November 26, there is a karst and torrential current that circulates. Women are its creators and contaminated. It is not easy to decline separately the impact of the uninterrupted course of seasons of battles that cyclically chase each other, from the pungent lash of a new wind that, from many sides, blows on us. Many feel, in this confluence, within the tide that we have raised and carried, the difficulty in distinguishing the boundary between themselves and the strength of the movement that carries them and that they carry.

There are moments, in the course of history, that those who have the luck and the responsibility to live them, staying inside them, create unprecedented short circuits and there is a vital interchange between the inside and the outside. In these moments the light that communicates the setting of the turning points intensifies. They are epochal passages, geysers of history, through which milestones, fundamental junctions are marked and identified.

Today on the timeline and history there is a step that bears the name of the feminist movements active all over the world.

Whoever is inside these moments of transition is overwhelmed and in turn drags them.

When reading a poem it is not necessary to understand everything at once. The words cause a strange commotion, a mixture of excited thought and thinking emotion, of sentimental and conceptual references, which cannot be explained. Similarly, at this moment there is an infinitesimal and grandiose tangle of reasons and feelings running through women and societies, even where the movement has not yet emerged.

Today, finally, the geysers of the feminist movements of many countries are sprouting and emerging from the earth. They are a symptom and a proclamation of the very powerful vitality and strength of women of different cultures, backgrounds, languages, generations.

We women are united by a primary common experience that the will for power and male control has exercised, raging in our lives. We are also united by a common will and strength of affirmation and opposition.

The body and heart of the world on November 26 in Rome, as before in Mexico, Guatemala, Poland, Germany, Brazil, Argentina, Turkey etc. they showed themselves in the act of acting and generating a transformation. With this struggle, women have brought their experiences, stories and vision of the future into the present. An incredible short circuit ensued, whose political / existential impact is lived and legible. It is under the eyes of all.

The organizational, thinking and sentient machine of this powerful event, together with the Io decido network and the Udi, was the National Dire association which brings together 77 anti-violence centers. Anti-violence centers are among the attractors and propellers of a political and cultural commitment capable of bringing about change. They have a pulse and record the temperature of the deepest and most violent thing that is perpetuated and reproduced in our society. In these places and in the people who animate them, the horror of violence in all its forms is concentrated but also the splendor of a daily work of building freedom. This is why our presence was so passionate and radical. The day of November 26 for the women who work in the antiviovelnza centers has the effect of a litmus test. Reveals in an instant what pre-exists and lasts over time.

On the 27th in Rome, at the faculty of Psychology, thousands, divided into thematic groups, discussed the contents of a National Feminist Anti-violence Plan. Starting from the story of what exists, from criticisms, from the enhancement of good practices to arrive at proposals to be submitted to the Government. The word Feminism recovers space and legitimacy. The analyzes of reality and its transformation are characterized, today, as in the past, in the reflection and desires of women as an imposing project of transformation of the world that attacks and reformulates all fields of existence. It is a puzzle that affects everyone and everyone.

Do the media almost ignore him? Worse for us, but even worse for them, and for those who pilot their choices and orientations. They will be forced to reconsider the reasons, strength and vitality of feminism.


Liberation is not a utopia

Against violence for freedom we are a tide that will overwhelm you

Anna Petrungaro, Center Against Violence Against Women Roberta Lanzino - Cosenza