The Position Paper “The change we want. Feminist proposals 25 years post Beijing” outlines non-exhaustive proposals related to the 12 critical areas of concern of the Beijing Declaration. Each point showcases the competences and specialised knowledge of all contributing partners.

This position paper has been compiled by a diverse group of Italian women, including those who have already worked on the Shadow Reports for CEDAW and for GREVIO (the last one coordinated by D.i.Re, the first and largest network of Anti-Violence centres in Italy). As experts, individuals and/or with our own feminist activist civil society organisations, we demand change, and in this document are uniting to voice the changes we want with clarity and determination.

When rebuilding the economy and society post Covid-19, Italy must take into account the experience and knowledge of feminist and women’s organisations, all of which continue to work for the creation of a fairer society.

To underline the interconnections between the Beijing Platform for Action and the Agenda 2030 concerning women’s rights and gender equality the United Nations invited Member States to report on progress made in implementation 25 years on from Beijing, grouping the twelve critical areas of concern in the following broader and transversal themes:

1. Inclusive development, shared prosperity and decent work
2. Poverty eradication, social protection and social services
3. Freedom from violence, stigma and stereotypes
4. Participation, accountability and gender-responsive institutions
5. Peaceful and inclusive societies
6. Environmental conservation, protection and rehabilitation
7. Institutions and mechanisms for gender equality.

This document mirrors the international review process regarding these commitments, using the same seven themes as its structure.

Download the Position Paper “The change we want. Feminist proposals 25 years post Beijing”

D.i.Re participated in the drafting of the position paper with the contribution of kering Foundation

Kering Foundation