The webinar will be held online on March 22, 2022 at 17:00 Women's Human Rights and the Family Courts, with the participation of Shazia Choudhry, Professor of Law, Faculty of Law Fellow in Law at Wadham College University of Oxford, Elena Biaggioni, Attorney-at-law and contact person for the advocate group D.i.Re - Women's Coordination Association, Trento e Marcella Pirrone, Attorney D.i. King and President WAVE - Womens Against Violence Europe.

It will be an opportunity to present an approach based on the human rights of women in family law proceedings. A perspective that puts human rights back at the center and imposes reflections and strategies. 

Shazia Choudhry è law professor, her research area concerns gender, human rights and violence against women and aims to examine the various dimensions of these areas from an interdisciplinary and feminist perspective.
She is the author of books and articles, we remember in particular European Human Rights and Family Law.
She is an expert consultant for the European Commission, the Council of Europe (including GREVIO) and is an expert collaborator for Women's Aid.
With Women's Aid she conducted research on the subject of contacts with minors and victims of domestic abuse which had great prominence and was widely mentioned in the preparatory work for the domestic violence law in the UK. He is also conducting a research entitled “The family Justice response to allegations of domestic abuse: a comparative European Analysis” which concerns six European countries, including Italy. 

The webinar is in English language and simultaneous English-Italian translation is provided. 

Places are limited. To participate you must register by filling out this online form:

The webinar is carried out within the project Training on multiple discrimination funded by Chime for Change.