The new campaign of D.i.Re "Violence against women. What state are we in? "

The campaign's goal is urge the Italian State to ad fully implement the Istanbul Convention on Violence Against Women and Domestic Violence, in force since 2014. The Council of Europe's Group of Experts on Violence (GREVIO) has given the Government precise indications in this regard.

Here the video lesson who launches the campaign:

Between 2018 and 2019, GREVIO has monitored the application status of the Istanbul Convention in Italy, pointing out all the obstacles in his Report to Italy cultural and practical ways out of violence, including inadequate and insufficient policies.
In Italy women in situations of violence face everywhere - services, police, courts, territorial commissions - with stereotypes and prejudices, they do not find listening and credibility, they do not obtain effective protection measures, and they risk losing their children in the causes of separation. The number of femicides remains constant over time.

Every month for a year the campaign "Violence against women. In what State are?"will draw the attention of public opinion, the media and institutions to the main recommendations of the Council of Europe regarding the following 12 thematic areas:

Financing to anti-violence centers. Data collection and anonymity

Impact of stereotypes and sexism

Condition of migrant women seeking asylum and refugees

Situation of women with disabilities and multiple discrimination

Denial of violence in civil cases for separations e custody of children / e

Secondary victimization nei tribunal

Risk assessment and protective measures

State liability and compensation

Education of operators and professionals

Awareness raising, education e cultural change

D.i.Re will present campaign results on March 8, 2021.

Go to the press release.

What must the Italian state do to implement the Istanbul Convention according to GREVIO?

The campaign is realized thanks to the kind contribution of the Kering Foundation

Kering Foundation