The fourth episode of the campaign "Violence against women. What state are we in? " copes with a new video disseminated on social networks the impact of stereotypes and sexism. In his Report on the application of the Istanbul Convention in Italy, published in January 2020, GREVIO noted how "the persistence in Italy of negative stereotypes towards women is very worrying".

The campaign “Violence against women. What state are we in? " was launched by D.i.Re-Women on the net against violence on 8 March with the aim of making known the GREVIO recommendations, the Council of Europe Expert Group on Violence Against Women e ask the institutions to apply to make effective the application of the Istanbul Convention in Italy.

GREVIO reiterated what the CEDAW Committee (Convention for the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women) had already underlined, namely the persistence in Italy "Of ingrained stereotypes regarding male and female gender roles that confine women to the role of mothers and housewives negative impact on their social status and on study and work opportunities".

ISTAT in 2019, in its survey Stereotypes on gender roles and the social image of sexual violence had noted how well-rooted stereotyped representations of gender roles were still: 32,5 percent of the people interviewed said that "for men, more than for women, it is very important to be successful at work", 31,5 for one hundred that "men are less suited to take care of household chores" and 27,9 percent that "it is the man who has to provide for the economic needs of the family".

The Istanbul Convention expressly calls for action to be taken to combat stereotypes and sexism, attitudes and behaviors in which violence against women has its roots.

For this reason, GREVIO in its Report on Italy recommends the Italian authorities to "To conceive and effectively implement policies for equality between men and women andwomen empowerment of women" and carry out long-term awareness campaigns with "The goal of deconstructing patriarchal attitudes and stereotypes that contribute to the acceptance of violence and tend to blame women for violence".

"This connection between the impact of stereotypes and sexism and violence against women, which is present in the Istanbul Convention, it was not seized by women for a new Renaissance”, He points out Antonella Veltri, President of D.i.Re. "Nor have the recommendations of GREVIO, which have been on the government table since last January, been taken into consideration".

“After the period of lockdown, in which the situations of violence that required the intervention of the anti-violence centers of the network D.i.Re have greatly increased, there is now a widespread desire for change in society. Starting from the GREVIO recommendations is a step in this direction that can no longer be postponed ", concludes Veltri.

The campaign is realized thanks to the kind contribution of the Kering Foundation

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