"Pain, closeness and solidarity with the mother of little Daniele killed by his father Davide Paitoni, and anger, a lot of anger, to see the same script repeated, the same prejudice: a man, albeit violent with his wife, even if violent with colleagues, even if under house arrest for these violence, he is always and in any case a father, and is entitled to exercise this role without a risk assessment being made, without ensuring that he has no weapons, not even a switchblade. He can easily leave the house, even if he is under house arrest, and try to kill his wife too ".

Antonella Veltri, president of D.i.Re, “The measure is really full, Matias was killed by his father in Cura di Vetralla in the same way just 6 weeks ago. Who protects the boys and girls from these violent men? We know well, since the death of Federico Barakat in 2009, how much boys and girls are at risk when a woman tries to stop the violence by separating and denouncing the perpetrator, we know that hitting your sons or daughters is a way to take revenge on your partner forever, condemning her to unspeakable suffering, yet nothing. A father remains a father, as if he were not the same violent man ".

"A violent man is not only not a good father, but he is dangerous for his sons, daughters and their mothers, we have been repeating this for decades, ”he says Elena Biaggioni, criminal lawyer and contact person for the Advocate Network of D.i.Re. "But women are not believed, their fears are not taken into consideration, indeed they risk being accused of being alienating mothers if they try to protect their sons and daughters from violent fathers".

"Violent men should never be considered suitable fathers," says the president of D.i.Re, "And they must not be allowed to see children ”.

“Let's go back to repeating that no new laws are needed, but a radical change in the application of existing measures”, Adds Veltri. “It has to be done always a risk assessment, which in the presence of minors must be more rigorous than ever, as anti-violence centers do with all the women who come to them. Anti-violence centers must be involved immediately by the police, and must be identified on the basis of the provisions of the Istanbul Convention ".

"But most of all male violence against women must become a political and institutional priority: with adequate economic resources, contingents of police forces adequate to ensure compliance with protection measures, constant training of all those who intervene and involving the experts of the anti-violence centers, because it is in the anti-violence centers that an analysis of the phenomenon of violence that must become the shared heritage of all institutions and guide their decisions to protect women and children ”, reiterates the president Antonella Veltri.

"It enough even with the photos of the baby on the front page: it is forbidden, and the fact that he is dead must not be a pass to harm his dignity again ", concludes the president of D.i.Re.