2021 - The project, financed with eight per thousand funds from the Waldensian Table, has as its purpose promote and enhance advocacy actions at national and international level with actions aimed at strengthening and improving the awareness and skills of workers, volunteers, activists and lawyers of the anti-violence centers D.i.King.

Two main objectives of the project:

  • make the information and tools available at international level accessible to associations working in Italy in favor of victims, through in-depth training recommendations and activities and to monitor their application at national and local level.
  • maintain and enhance participation in international mechanisms: reporting, participation in meetings, conventions and conferences, advocacy at all levels, impulse to a system of national and international strategic litigation for the creation of pilot cases.

The intervention consists of actions aimed at providing tools to those who work in support of women and supporting the impetus for local governments coming from the international sphere of action: producing and disseminating information and carrying out training activities, advocacy activities and setting up a strategic litigation system through an analysis of the jurisprudence of the European Court on violence against women and the elaboration of recommendations and indications for associations.

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