2022 - The project is in continuity with the previous intervention financed with the Otto per Mille sources of the Waldensian Table, which allowed to start developing thenational and international advocacy activity, favoring the planning of actions to improve the condition of women who suffer violence. This surgery wants to be one tool to promote knowledge of human rights and their concrete implementation in Italy, with active participation at multiple levels and in multiple contexts and actions aimed at institutions. 

The first goal is monitor the application of international measures at national and local level, also through participation in international mechanisms: reporting, participation in meetings, conventions and conferences, advocacy.

The second is raise awareness of the action of the activists of the human rights.
This will initiate a virtuous mechanism of formation and comparison with
international experts on human rights issues to enrich the different perspectives, different views and models existing in Europe and in the world. The trends, critical issues and reflections that are emerging or are being consolidated in the international and European context will be presented, with important and often already evident repercussions in the political and operational work of anti-violence centers and shelters at national level. 

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