In 2015, thanks to a loan from the Waldensian Table - Otto per Mille, the Luna Onlus Association was able to activate the Alba project, an articulated project to enhance the support activities for victims and facilitate their path towards psycho-physical and social well-being.

The Alba project was active from January 2015 to January 2016.

Support for women - Outbound paths

The heart of the Alba project and the most innovative aspects were the services and financial support made available to women, both guests of the Refuge Houses and users of the Anti-violence Center, through orientation actions, individual training and job placement.

The spirit that animated the initiative was to strengthen the pathways out of violence towards psychological and economic independence, in the belief that they are indispensable elements for the long-term well-being of women and their children. In this, the foresight, understanding and willingness to allocate and then adapt the funding to the needs of users and to the changes made during the project, which represent a target with personal and difficult and changing family members, often aggravated by complex legal and bureaucratic procedures that limit the time to devote to themselves and their future.

To manage the outgoing projects, Associazione Luna has set up a Training and Work Desk, followed by two operators. The help desk has provided guidance and tutoring for 17 users in the 12 months of the project. They were financed:

• 6 training courses on food safety (HACCP) to encourage the employment of women;
• 7 paid work reintegration internships in local businesses, including catering businesses, cooperatives and social promotion associations.
The results rewarded the commitment of resources, given that 5 women at the end of the project found a job in the area, of which 4 among those who carried out the internship period: 2 at the host companies and 2 at other companies.

Given the effectiveness of the path, Associazione Luna wants to give continuity to the guidance and job reintegration services offered. The support has been renewed by the Waldensian Table - Otto per Mille for 2016 with a loan which, although smaller, will allow the purchase of IT equipment and the activation of new training courses for women victims of violence.

Training of operators / operators
The prevention and fight against gender-based and domestic violence draw strength and effectiveness from the preparation and specific skills of all those who can come into contact with actual or potential victims of violence, and above all of the people who work alongside them, offering services and support. .
For this reason, our project has also dedicated ample space to the joint training of operators, professionals and volunteers, who deal with women and minors who are victims of violence: doctors, lawyers, social workers, psychologists and pedagogists.

Two courses were organized during the year:
Course I - Gender Violence: from recognition to activation of the network by applying shared methodologies, held in Spring 2015. The course, followed by 36 students, dealt with the issue of gender-based and domestic violence, focusing on the most effective methodologies to be adopted to support female victims. The central themes were the recognition of the phenomenon, the reception of the victim and the analysis of his request, the risk assessment, the legal and bureaucratic aspects, the importance of networking and the knowledge of all public and private individuals involved.

Course II - Intra-family Assisted Violence and child maltreatment: how to intervene to protect them and recover parenthood, carried out in Autumn 2015. The course analyzed the problem of minors themselves victims and / or who witness scenes of domestic violence, arousing the interest of 46 students. The central themes were the psycho-pedagogical aspects and the parenting relationship, the protection of the minor and the role of the Juvenile and Health Court, the innovative methodologies of social services and the analysis of concrete cases. This course has also been accredited by the Lucca Bar Association and the Tuscany Region Association of Social Workers.