The teStalking App is unique in its kind, as it is centered on emotions and on the possibility of recognizing a situation of abuse as soon as possible, therefore not a mere prospect of legal and police protection but an aid to the emergence of the abuse.

How did the idea of ​​creating an App come about?
Often there is confusion in the face of behaviors that, taken individually, are not immediately threatening or harmful, the sending of gifts, thoughts, tickets ... in themselves they are not violent behaviors ... but if we imagine them repeated over time and in a highly pressing way, perhaps combined with threats, phone calls, stalking or stalking it is understandable the difficulty of reading what is happening, as well as a certain confusion.

How to decode what is happening?

The answer must come from the self, from a careful look at one's emotions, which is why we have thought of an app, an easy and agile tool to use that allows a girl to emphasize what she feels, make her recognize and name your emotions, define what you are experiencing and possibly ask for help.
In fact, it is important to underline that the App is neither a risk assessment tool nor a self-diagnosis tool, it is an opportunity to focus on one's emotions, on one's own experience and through this process to decode a situation that one is experiencing.

The hope is that this App anticipates the moment of awareness and speeds up the start of a path of awareness and exit from the situation of violence.

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