"Too many responsibilities, too many faults in the umpteenth announced tragedy of Cutro. All within the design of a policy that closes the borders, renders helpless the NGOs who desperately try to rescue people on hellish journeys to seek protection " declares Antonella Veltri, president D.i.Re - Women on the Net against violence.

D.i.Re - Women on the Net against violence, that of Cutro is a tragedy announced, as many others have been and unfortunately will continue to be. Massacres that concern the desperate attempt of women, children and men to leave countries at war, famine, violations of fundamental human rights, discrimination and persecution.

The outsourcing of border control, approved by the European Council on 09/02, as well as the national repatriation policies and the rules that limit rescue activities at sea, such as those envisaged by the Piantedosi decree-law on NGOs, in reality do not can only increase the number of this already enormous tragedy. We therefore wonder what the statements of the Prime Minister Meloni are for: "The Government is committed to preventing departures".

Stopping departures only means handing over fleeing women, children and men to their captors, to human traffickers, thus endorsing extremely serious violations of fundamental human rights. 

There is still a lack of European and national policies that guarantee people freedom of movement, that open the borders with safe and legal access to the territory for those who need to find protection in Europe, that recede from the security and repressive approach of the migration policies promoted and implemented at European and national level in recent years. 

D.i.Re - Women on the Net against violence has been working for some years with concrete support actions  and information aimed at migrant women and asylum seekers, also in border areas, in partnership with the United Nations Agency for Refugees. It does so by following its own reception methodology, always starting from listening to women, from their many needs and desires, from legitimizing the solutions that they themselves had found for themselves, to protect themselves, protect themselves, feel safer, even along the routes of migration. A great many of the asylum-seeking and refugee women have multiple experiences of violence behind them. They are women and girls who have escaped abuse and violence in their country of origin, who have abandoned their homes and their lives thinking that emigrating was the only way to build a better life.  

"We once again hope that - once and for all - the dismayed declarations will be translated into concrete actions to identify welcoming solutions, not rejection or closure” declares the president Veltri. “Thinking of blocking the escape of those who flee is equivalent to contributing to his death. D.i.Re” – concludes Veltri – “will act in the possible ways so that this objective is pursued"