It is today the judgment of the Edu Court in Landi case against Italy and again condemns our country in a case of domestic violence in which a child lost his life at the hands of his father. 

Again the Edu Court notes the inadequacy of the Italian state in protecting women who report domestic violence and their children.

Again the Edu Court underlines these shortcomings in the face of a child killed at the hands of his father who has been denounced several times and underlines the insufficient activation of the judicial system.

Again the Edu Court highlights the inadequacy of risk assessment in the judicial system, as already observed by GREVIO and as the Anti-violence Centers have been repeating for years. 

As already in Talpis v Italy case, the Italian authorities, by failing to act promptly in the face of the complaint of the applicant - victim of domestic violence, have resulted in a situation of impunity, which has favored the recurrence of violent conduct, up to leading to the attempted murder of the woman and the murder of his son.

"With this ruling, the Edu Court reiterates that, in matters of domestic violence, the task of a State does not end in the mere adoption of legal provisions, but extends to ensure that the protection of such subjects is effective. The inertia of the Authorities in applying the law nullifies the protection tools envisaged: The State has the obligation to implement measures capable of effectively safeguarding the supreme goods of life and the integrity of persons when there is an immediate risk and real that those rights can be attacked"Declares the lawyer Titti Carrano of the national network D.i.Re Donne on the Net against violence. "Also in this case, the risk assessment was totally lacking, despite the fact that for years Grevio has asked Italy to develop this tool and "guarantee its wide dissemination within all statutory agencies involved in the management of cases of gender violence ". In fact, Italy is still far from ensuring effective protection for women who suffer violence and their sons and daughters and is still subject to enhanced supervision for the Talpis case.. "  Concludes the lawyer Carrano.

"For over a year, Italy has been missing from the surveillance procedure, not having given a due response by 31 March 2021 on the measures adopted or planned to ensure adequate and effective risk assessment and on information on funds to anti-violence centers. and efforts to ensure adequate distribution of these facilities. The training system intended for all those who intervene in cases of violence is still extremely lacking. It is now essential to start from the gender perspective on violence as a fundamental and unavoidable factor to give effective and timely responses to women who suffer violence and not to put their lives, those of their daughters and their sons at risk. Women and their sons and daughters continue to die because there is a lack of full awareness and understanding of the phenomenon”Declares Antonella Veltri, President D.i.King "We asked for it two years ago, we ask for it today: what state are we in? How many women with their daughters and their sons must be killed for the state to decide to recognize male violence against women at least when it is reported? “Concludes President Veltri.