Saturday 17 December at 9,30

Vittorio room, Chamber of Labor. Via Roma 53 Reggio Emilia

For its twenty years of activity and for the ten years of the Lunenomadi Project, the Nondasola Association promotes the seminar “ten years without stopping to look at us. The intercultural relationship in the shoes of women "

We have been experimenting for ten years with the intercultural relationship between women as a form of support for migration projects but also as a source of knowledge and exchange to unhinge prejudices. We have learned a lot from each other, but above all we have changed the way we look at ourselves and the world.


Annamaria Rivera, anthropologist, university professor and columnist for Il Manifesto

Lunenomadi Project, Nondasola Association, Reggio Emilia

Re-Generation Association, Reggio Emilia

Casa di Ramia Cultural Center, Verona

At the end of the seminar, intercultural buffet for all and all participants.