Giovanna Zitiello *

The fourth edition of the School of Politics of the Anti-violence Centers "Giving a word" will be held in Pisa on Saturday 8 and Sunday 9 April. The seminar will take place at the Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies and Advanced Studies, which has given its partnership.

The objective of this edition of our School will be to redefine and update the Charter of the National Network of Anti-violence Centers and Women's Homes, drawn up in 2006. This redefinition will have to take place in the light of the changes that have occurred in recent years, both within than outside the anti-violence network. We will continue the path of the previous editions, with the intention of broadening the horizon on the changes taking place and systematizing the elaborations produced in the previous meetings. The outcome of these meetings was a focus on our identity and foundational traits, put to the test by the processes of change underway, by the crisis, by the impact with the prevailing precariousness, by the encounter with migrant women and by the confrontation with the new generations.

The meeting in Pisa is intended to be a moment of great participation for all women, volunteers, workers, activists of the anti-violence centers belonging to D.i.Re. On Saturday morning, theoretical interventions are planned, which will offer food for thought, an in-depth study and analysis of the guiding principles of our path. The contributions of the professors of the Sant'Anna University will be two. The first, by the public law professor, Gaetana Morgante, will outline the legal framework: “From the Istanbul Convention to the European courts”. The second, by the political philosopher Anna Loretoni, will address the issues of citizenship and identity, and in particular will focus on: deconstruction and unveiling of gender and on the various approaches of intersectional feminism. This will be followed by a speech by Nicki Norman, a leader of the Women's Aid Federation of England: the English anti-violence centers network.

During the meeting, the political path and the implementation of the guidelines and methodological principles that guide their centers will be described. This comparison will be a stimulus for our process of updating the Charter.
The work will be carried out on Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning in thematic groups, asking specific questions to be discussed in depth for small groups. The goal is to thematize and examine in depth the principles, practices, which appear as contradictory and / or unclear within our centers. The workshops are designed to find linearity and expression of consensus and sharing on each point indicated above. Sunday afternoon will be dedicated to the presentation of the group's elaborations, to the final reflections and perspectives.

On Saturday evening at the Rossi Aperto Theater there will be the No Woman No Die concert. The network of Tuscan musicians together against violence against women between music and words, with Giorgia Del Mese, Elisabetta Maulo, The paces on the river, Scandalosobrio. Admission will be free of charge and the proceeds will go in part to D.i.Re.

With joy we await you in large numbers to build together a path of growth and exchange.

* House of the woman of Pisa