The research project Samira. For a competent and timely reception of women and girls in situations of violence and trafficking in Italy, realized thanks to the contribution of CONAD, aims to improve the identification and the quality of the reception of migrant women and minors victims of sexual violence and trafficking arriving and present in Italy.

Currently the first and second reception system is oriented from an emergency and security model without systematic mechanisms for analyzing vulnerabilities and with an often not very solid and articulated link with associations active in the area for a specialized and long-term reception of women and minors victims of violence and trafficking.

The research project aims to contribute to thethe development of a model for the timely identification and effective reception of women victims of sexual violence and trafficking and the strengthening of the capacities and competences of the various reception actors. These objectives are pursued through: 

  • qualitative research aimed at deepening the understanding of the needs and risk factors of women and minors arriving in Italy with respect to the situations of sexual violence and trafficking suffered, as well as the identification of current practices, skills and criticalities existing at the level of the first and second reception and assistance in identifying and helping the target population;
  • an internal training process aimed at strengthening the knowledge and skills of the workers of the anti-violence centers on understanding the phenomenon, the identification and adequate assistance of victims of sexual violence / trafficking and networking with other actors in reception and assistance;
  • the development of a model of good intervention practices and working methods for the timely identification, effective help and referral / orientation of victims, adaptable to different levels of reception - from the very first reception on ships to assistance at the port and in the first and second reception centers.

Research, divided into focus groups with migrant women and structured interviews with selected actors (representatives of migrant communities, CAS - Extraordinary reception centers, CARA - Reception centers for asylum seekers, SPRAR - Protection system for asylum seekers and refugees, anti-violence centers, active partners in trafficking area, etc.) and associations of migrant women in Italy and supported by existing literature on the subject. was made between January and July 2017.

The results are published in the volume Samira project. For a competent and timely reception of foreign women and girls in situations of violence and trafficking arriving in Italy, curated by Laura Pasquero and Raffaella Palladino (Cuam University Press, November 2017).

The model developed will continue to be shared with all the actors involved at the different levels of reception, and will serve as the basis for an advocacy action aimed at improving the identification and help practices of the target population.