Monitoring of the Network's 80 anti-violence centers.

On the occasion of 25 November International Day of Struggle for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, the network D.i.Re presents its survey and data analysis of the phenomenon of male violence against women. Data deriving from a monitoring carried out on the 80 anti-violence centers present throughout the national territory.

In 2016 the Centers have welcomed 21.351 women, between those who had already started the exit route and those who for the first time had made contact with the center, of these, 66% are of Italian origin while 27% are from other countries.

I50% of the women received have an average age between 44 and 51 years, often with little financial independence, and are victims of partner or ex-partner violence. When the violence is perpetrated by the partner, the request for help tends to take place some time after the first episode of the violent act. Behind these women there is a relationship marked by control and oppression by the partner and them psychological violence, Equal to 80,9% of cases, are greater than physical ones which are equal to 65,2% of cases.

The survey shows that 66% of the abusers of women welcomed in the anti-violence centers are mainly Italian men against 23% of foreigners, a fact that calls into question a widespread stereotype that sees this phenomenon attributable to cultural heritage of other countries.

Another no less important fact is that this man is almost always the partner or at most an ex, this means that in about 80% of cases the violence is exercised by a man in strong relationship with the woman.

The phenomenon of male violence against women is rooted and still largely submerged; every woman has the right to live free from violence and association D.i.Re for 30 years she has been working to change the culture of this country and to empower women.

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