Together, against the violence of war, we support the resistance of Ukrainian women. 

Ukrainian women's organizations are asking for support. Since the beginning of the war, in addition to continuing to guarantee the activities they offer to women, they have mobilized to support and support them in their condition of displaced persons and refugees.

D.i.King - Women on the Net against violence has chosen to concretely contribute to the activities of the three Ukrainian organizations members of the European network of anti-violence organizations WAVE Women Against Violence Europe Network: the matching of intent, approach and vision, together with the guarantee of their integrity, gives us the certainty that the funds will be used to the best.

Through our Support Fund Ukraine, we will ask for the support of our partners and of all the people who want to make a concrete contribution to the resistance against the umpteenth war wanted by a few powerful against the peoples.

The campaign will be accompanied by the hashtags: #withukrainianwomen #conledonneucraine

An unexpected March XNUMXth, therefore, which requires reflections and thoughts that can help us build dialogue and peace, starting from the principles of self-determination, respect for the construction of new financial and economic balances that ban the use of weapons, which do not feed the industries of war, of death.

There are no rights for women and no one in violence, in the brutality of war.

"Our XNUMXth March is dedicated to the populations at war: we support our friends and comrades of the Ukrainian organizations belonging to our European WAVE Network. They are continuing to secure their support for women through every possible action to ensure their survival and peace-building. We are at their side and with the support of WAVE we have started a fundraiser and an offer full of availability for any other useful action”Declares the President of D.i.Re Antonella Veltri.

"We live today in a time of war that we never expected to go through, seized by a deep sense of powerlessness in front of the warlords who act the power of violence by canceling dialogue, words, relationships, sowing death and destruction. We are also close to the Russian feminist movement which is currently fighting for the freedom of all and all. This is why our March 8 is dedicated to peoples at war"- concludes Veltri.

“These are difficult times and new challenges. The Russia-Ukraine conflict will increase the likelihood of violence against women and girls in both the short and medium term. However, we are not helpless. Our network has a long history of solidarity and support, and therefore we are already side by side with the commitment - now even stronger - of our Ukrainian sisters who continue, despite everything, to support women and girls in danger due to this conflict”Declares Marcella Pirrone, President of WAVE.

Donations can be made by bank transfer to the coordinates:

Via della Lungara 19, 00165 Rome - BCC Banca di Credito Cooperativo di Roma
IBAN: IT 65 X 08327 03239 00000000 2299 - CAUSAL: UKRAINE SUPPORT

Or on the site


LINK TO THE VIDEO: Together, against the violence of war, we support the resistance of Ukrainian women


D.i.Re. - Women on the net against violence is the national anti-violence network and is made up of 82 organizations located throughout the country, which manage anti-violence centers and shelters, supporting over 20.000 women every year. D.i.Re and its member organizations are politically active to bring about the cultural change necessary for the elimination of male violence against women. 


WAVE Women Against Violence Europe Network is the network that unites 160 anti-violence organizations in 46 European countries


The three Ukrainian organizations supported by the campaign are:

1 - International Women's Rights Center La Strada-Ukraine | Ла Страда-Україна
Contact person: Katerina Cherepakha | address: PO Box 26, 03113 Kiev, Ukraine | phone: +380 44 205 36 95 | e-mail: info [at] | website:

2 - Women's Information Consultative Center (WICC) ​​| Інформаційно-консультативного жіночого центру (ІКЖЦ)
Contact person: Anastasiia Nenka | address: Sichovykh striltsiv, 40, of. 5, Kyiv, Ukraine, 04053 | phone: +380 67 503 6767 | e-mail: wicc. 1995 [at] | website:

3 - Women's Perspectives Center | Центр Жіночі Перспективи
Contact person: Halyna Fedkovych | address: Ave. Chervonoi Kalyna 36, ​​Shopping center “Shuvar”, office 315, 79070 Lviv, Ukraine | phone: +380 032 295 50 60 | e-mail: Halia_fedkovych [at]; women [at] | website: