“The INPS circular which defines the requirements and procedures for accessing the income of liberty, a measure to which the anti-violence centers have looked positively, knowing well the difficulties of women who have suffered violence in taking their lives back into their own hands ", says Antonella Veltri, President of D.i.Re.

In fact, however, "this is a facade intervention, if we consider the 3 million euros of the 2017-2020 National Anti-violence Plan that have been invested in it: a maximum of 625 women throughout Italy will benefit from it, when I'm over 20.000 every year the women are accepted only in the anti-violence centers of the network D.i.Re, and about 50.000 in the total of the 302 anti-violence centers counted by ISTAT in 2018 ", he underlines Mariangela Zanni, national councilor D.i.Re of Veneto.

"To benefit a significant audience, let's say even only a fifth of women who turn to anti-violence centers, or 10.000, and without prejudice to a contribution of 400 euros for 12 months, it would take at least 48 million euro”, Calculates Zanni.

“A contribution of 400 euros per month is certainly useful, but it is not an income that can really give autonomy. And not all women supported by anti-violence centers they are also followed by social services, nor do they want to be”, Underlines Veltri. “The certification of social services is neither necessary for abstention from work due to violence, nor for family allowances, while it was instead imposed for the income of freedom”.

“As often happens with measures that affect women, for now it is a one-off intervention. We can already anticipate that the available resources will soon be exhausted, also considering the limited time available to request the contribution: the confirmation of the need for transform this measure into a structural intervention. On the other hand, violence against women is, as we all know, a structural problem ”, concludes the president of D.i.Re.