If I have suffered violence, what can I decide to do from a legal point of view? >>

You have several possibilities before you.

a) You can hand one complaint to the detriment of your attacker:

It is possible to report violence up to three months later by presenting yourself at the Police Headquarters or at the nearest headquarters of the Carabinieri or the Police, with a medical certificate attesting to the violence.

b) You can decide to do not report but still be able to remove the abusive partner:

You can contact a lawyer to ask the Court for a civil protection order, or a provision with which the Judge can order your attacker:

to get away from home;

to put an end to the prejudicial conduct it engages in towards you;

the ban on approaching the places you frequent or where you work;

c) In case of stalking you can decide to do not report but still want to protect yourself:

You can request thewarning of those who carry out persecutory acts against you: the Chief of Police, once the facts have been heard, can admonish the stalker inviting him to behave in accordance with the law.

Here you find a Facsimile of the request for warning in which to report in detail the persecutory behaviors suffered.