Antonella Veltri: "Proximity to women in court is a political act of great value"

Admitted by the Gip Chiara Valori of the Court of Milan the constitution of a civil party of D.i.Re-Women on the Net against violence, the national network of anti-violence centers, in the trial of Alberto Genovese for the terrible violence inflicted on a young woman in Milan, and on Genovese himself in competition with Sara Paola Borruso for another episode of violence, in the Lolita villa in Ibiza, reported by another girl.

"The constitution of a civil party is a political act of great value: Violence against women is a structural phenomenon and by becoming a civil party we say that we are all injured parties, not only the woman who has suffered violence ", says Antonella Veltri, President of D.i.Re.

"To represent D.i.Re in this process it means supporting the association, its principles, its objectives and bringing the voice of women who they ask for respect for their dignity, their worth and their bodies", he claims Frances Garisto, the lawyer who oversaw the establishment of a civil action. "It is an opportunity to convey the strength women have when they support each other".

"The closeness to a woman in the courtroom is necessary to make her feel less alone, in a path that is always difficult because too often women are subjected to prejudices and stereotypes and every effort is made to undermine their credibility and to attribute to them a sort of 'co-responsibility' in violence ”, continues Veltri.

"This is all the more true for the girl who suffered violence by Alberto Genovese, the subject of secondary victimization even before the trial opened by newspapers and TV programs such as 'Non è l'Arena', against which we were already expressed ”, notes the president.

"Today more than ever it is necessary to resume supporting women in the courts and filling the streets every time women's rights are trampled on", concludes the president of D.i.Re.