In a moment in which the patriarchy is taking a run, we take a voice so as not to accommodate him, we compose freedom to make him retreat.

This March 8 will see us active, present with our politics, our bodies and our voices to give the sign of women to the fight against male violence.

We will be in the places of the institutions, reaffirming our role as protagonists in the event that the Femicide Commission organized in the Senate of the Republic. There we will take our feminist politics, our experience in law enforcement and prevention, our authority and authority in the field of male violence against women. We will make our voices heard against the institutionalization and the neutral approach of the interventions, for a real contrasting action and for ways out of violence that are above all paths of freedom for the women who undertake them.

We will be in the squares, joining the NUDM strike. Our voice must continue to be heard, our position must also be known by young women who recognize themselves in NUDM. We grew out of women's struggles in the 70s and we certainly don't back down now.
There is still a strong need to make the voice of all women heard and we really represent a lot of them.

We will be in the media to voice the change. With our political position and the feminist definition of spaces that welcome women, we will clarify who can really contribute to women's freedom paths.

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