“We understand the government's attempt to put a stop to the count of femicides, given that it has been amply demonstrated that too often these occur because women have not been adequately protected after reporting the mistreatment they have suffered. But once again we note that the government proceeds without consulting the anti-violence centers in the least, despite the fact that they have been accompanying thousands of women out of violence for decades and despite the fact that this consultation has been foreseen in the new National Anti-violence Plan ".

Antonella Veltri, President of D.i.Re, comments the new bill Provisions for the prevention and contrast of the phenomenon of violence against women and domestic violence, containing mainly penal, procedural and administrative interventions, adopted today in the Council of Ministers.

“On the complex of measures the Advocate Network of D.i.Re will make a specific note", Veltri announces," because the Ddl contains elements, such as the warning for the crime of sexual violence, which cause great concern, alongside others, starting with the strengthening of measures to ensure compliance with the expulsion orders and '' extension of the type of crimes for which the police are required to provide contact with the anti-violence centers, in line with proposals already made by D.i.Re on several occasions ".

“It keeps recurring a emergency type approach, which leads to a proliferation of criminal laws, but we know well how much their effective application is at the discretion of the individual magistrate, and also how much the culture of those who must apply them affects their effectiveness. All existing rules should be applied in the light of the Istanbul Convention, also a state law since 2014, something that has not yet happened ”, concludes the president of D.i.Re.