"We look with concern at the choices made by the center-right coalition for the appointment of the second and third positions of the state: two politicians strongly characterized by their declarations and political positions aimed at restoring control over women's bodies, intolerant of rights of minorities, confirming the concerns about the government in formation " says Antonella Veltri, President D.i.King.

“Ignazio la Russa, a past in Missino and in the Youth Front, is today the President of the Senate, but just a month ago he declared 'we are all heirs of Mussolini'.

Lorenzo Fontana, now President of the Chamber, is known for his ultra-conservative positions, contrary to the rights of rainbow families, a firm anti-abortionist for the abolition of Law 194. 

Investitures that confirm the need to keep a watchful eye on the future government led by Meloni. With their appointments, the right entrusts the highest positions in Parliament to two men who are not a guarantee for those who care about human rights and for those who, like us, preside over women's freedom and rights " continues Veltri.

“We hope that this does not lead to an involution of civil rights, especially those won by women in many years of struggles for self-determination and for emancipation from the cages of domestic work.

We will monitor and will not accept any step backwards on human rights and women's rights " The President concludes.