We know that many women who could benefit from our work still do not know about the existence of Anti-violence centers. The #NOICISIAMO campaign highlights activists' daily work with women undertaking their personal paths of freedom, to make it known more and more.

We want to give visibility to be more and more useful, more and more reachable.

And, also, because every day the over 3000 activists of the Net they achieve important results for the freedom of all.

The national network is widespread throughout Italy and its activities continued even during the pandemic, so as not to leave women alone who are looking for a way out of mistreatment or violence. #NOICISIAMO

To this link find all the member organizations they manage 111 anti-violence centers e 60 Refuge houses: a wealth of knowledge and experience made available to over 20.000 women every year, to find together the way to freedom.