Male Violence Against Women and Strategic Litigation

2022-01-14T09:53:22+01:00January 14 2022|News|

Strategic Litigation is a form of human rights protection that uses judicial litigation beyond the single case, with the aim of introducing social, cultural and legal change. last December 21, we wanted to deepen the topic of Strategic Litigation with the operators of the Network's anti-violence centers. We introduced the so-called "strategic litigation" also with the participation of Professor Paolo Spagnolo of the University of Turin - head of the Strategic Litigation course: International Human Rights Legal Clinic.

Varese. Cynical and cruel to put the blame on the mother. The judiciary uses this opportunity to correct the flaws in the procedures

2022-01-07T16:59:51+01:00January 7 2022|Press releases, News|

"An ignoble discharge carried out by the Gip of the Court of Varese, to blame Silvia Gaggini, mother of little Daniele, killed by his father Davide Paitoni, the responsibility for his death". Antonella Veltri comments on the statements of the Gip of Varese. D.i.Re he asked for a meeting with the Minister of Justice Marta Cartabia.

Varese. Veltri: “The same script is repeated. Violent fathers must not be able to continue to see their children ”.

2022-01-03T16:13:01+01:00January 3 2022|Press releases, News|

We express all the closeness and solidarity of D.i.Re to the mother of little Daniele killed by his father Davide Paitoni yesterday in the province of Varese, and so much anger at seeing the same script repeated. "Violent men should never be considered adequate fathers but rather a danger to sons, daughters and their mothers." The president's comment D.i.Re, Antonella Veltri

Terni, tender for the local anti-violence system. LiberaMente Donna does not participate. "Reception methodology canceled"

2021-12-22T18:47:08+01:00December 22 2021|Press releases, News|

LiberaMente Donna ETS, which is part of the network D.i.Re has decided not to participate in the tender for services for combating violence of the Municipality of Terni, even if it has been managing the LiberaTutte anti-violence center since 2014. Veltri, president of D.i.Re: "To urgently review the State-Regions Agreement".

The National Observatory D.i.Re against institutional victimization

2021-12-10T09:40:49+01:00December 8 2021|News|

The National Observatory Against Institutional Victimization is an initiative of the network D.i.Re to address the inadequacy of the responses of social and health services, courts and law enforcement agencies, to women who disclose or report violence and ill-treatment. The project was presented during the press conference for the International Day against Violence against Women and will involve the 84 anti-violence centers of the network D.i.Re.

WAVE Handbook 2020: Gender neutral policies and practices

2021-12-08T22:21:58+01:00December 8 2021|News|

The new WAVE manual, translated into Italian in recent weeks, was created at the request of the Advisory Committee in 2016 in order to address the issue of the protection of specialized services for women (WSS) from gender neutral policies and practices. Since then, the Working Group on Gender Neutrality has been operational, made up of expert members of WAVE from over 10 countries, including a member of the international Group D.i.Re.

New bill without consulting the anti-violence centers. The warning in cases of sexual violence is of concern

2022-01-12T10:00:03+01:00December 3 2021|Press releases, News|

The Council of Ministers approved a new Bill that strengthens criminal, procedural and administrative measures to prevent and combat male violence against women. "Once again without consulting the anti-violence centers", notes the president Antonella Veltri. The Network of Advocates of D.i.Re prepare a specific note.

The Observatory of D.i.Re on secondary victimization

2021-11-18T21:49:21+01:00November 18, 2021|Press releases, News|

Composed of 30 experts with different professional profiles, the Observatory of D.i.Re on secondary victimization it will conduct quantitative and qualitative research among the anti-violence centers of the network D.i.Re. Objective: to formulate proposals to put the ordeal that many women face when they turn to justice to interrupt relationships with violent men.

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