PAS out of the courts

2022-03-24T21:11:02+01:00March 24 2022|News|

The Court of Cassation reiterates that parental alienation must be banned by the courts and affirms that minors must always be heard in proceedings concerning them. It is an important day for the fight against the re-legitimization of women. With the ordinance n. 286/2022, the Court of Cassation accepted the appeal presented by Laura Massaro against the provision which declared her forfeiture of parental responsibility and which ordered the transfer of the child to a family home.

Women's Human Rights and the Family Courts | Webinar with Shazia Choudhry

2022-03-17T16:10:51+01:00March 17 2022|News|

The webinar WOMEN'S HUMAN RIGHTS ONLINE EVENT THE FAMILY COURTS will be held online on March 22, 2022, with the participation of Shazia Choudhry, Professor of Law, Faculty of Law Fellow in Law at Wadham College University of Oxford. The presentation of an approach based on the human rights of women in family law proceedings. A perspective that puts human rights back at the center and imposes reflections and strategies.

Women's networks for peace | D.i.Re launches a fundraiser to support women's organizations in Ukraine

2022-03-07T12:04:46+01:00March 7 2022|Press releases, News|

Together, against the violence of war, we support the resistance of Ukrainian women. Ukrainian women's organizations are asking for support. Since the beginning of the war, in addition to continuing to guarantee the activities they offer to women, they have mobilized to support and support them in their condition of displaced persons and refugees. D.i.Re - Women Against Violence Europe Network has chosen to contribute concretely to the activities of the three Ukrainian organizations that are members of the European network of anti-violence organizations WAVE Women Against Violence Europe Network: the correspondence of intent, approach and vision, together with the guarantee of their integrity, gives us the certainty that the funds will be used to the fullest.

Our 2020 Social Report

2022-06-07T15:24:23+02:00February 23 2022|News|

We have started a new path to make the many, important activities that the Network and all the members carry out every day, not without sacrifices and efforts, more and more transparent and visible. This tool offers us the possibility of giving a photograph - authentic and comprehensive - of the actions we conduct to our stakeholders: activists, welcomed women, donors, institutions, media, the public.


2022-02-23T12:59:48+01:00February 23 2022|News|

In a moment in which the patriarchy is taking a run, we take a voice so as not to accommodate him, we compose freedom to make him retreat. This March 8 will see us active, present with our politics, our bodies and our voices to give the sign of women to the fight against male violence. We will be in the places of the institutions, reaffirming our role as protagonists in the event that the Femicide Commission organized in the Senate of the Republic.

Sexual violence: shameful acquittal in Busto Arsizio

2022-01-28T20:46:50+01:00January 28 2022|Press releases, News|

The Criminal Court of Busto Arsizio acquitted Raffaele Meola - trade union representative of CISL - of the crime of sexual violence. The woman who suffered the violence is a flight attendant who had turned to Meola to be supported by the union in a work case. We are once again faced with organs of the judicial system that act according to stereotypes and prejudices that make women held responsible for not preventing the violence they suffer.

Leaving Violence. Living Safe | The list of cultural mediators expert in anti-violence has been published

2022-01-14T09:50:56+01:00January 14 2022|News|

2021 closed with the important results of the Leaving Violence project. Living Safe. that D.i.Re developed in partnership with UNHCR, the UN refugee agency. In particular, this year the work focused on the figure of the cultural mediator and on the key role they play in supporting women seeking asylum and refugees in escaping violence.

Male Violence Against Women and Strategic Litigation

2022-01-14T09:53:22+01:00January 14 2022|News|

Strategic Litigation is a form of human rights protection that uses judicial litigation beyond the single case, with the aim of introducing social, cultural and legal change. last December 21, we wanted to deepen the topic of Strategic Litigation with the operators of the Network's anti-violence centers. We introduced the so-called "strategic litigation" also with the participation of Professor Paolo Spagnolo of the University of Turin - head of the Strategic Litigation course: International Human Rights Legal Clinic.

Varese. Cynical and cruel to put the blame on the mother. The judiciary uses this opportunity to correct the flaws in the procedures

2022-01-07T16:59:51+01:00January 7 2022|Press releases, News|

"An ignoble discharge carried out by the Gip of the Court of Varese, to blame Silvia Gaggini, mother of little Daniele, killed by his father Davide Paitoni, the responsibility for his death". Antonella Veltri comments on the statements of the Gip of Varese. D.i.Re he asked for a meeting with the Minister of Justice Marta Cartabia.

Varese. Veltri: “The same script is repeated. Violent fathers must not be able to continue to see their children ”.

2022-01-03T16:13:01+01:00January 3 2022|Press releases, News|

We express all the closeness and solidarity of D.i.Re to the mother of little Daniele killed by his father Davide Paitoni yesterday in the province of Varese, and so much anger at seeing the same script repeated. "Violent men should never be considered adequate fathers but rather a danger to sons, daughters and their mothers." The president's comment D.i.Re, Antonella Veltri

Terni, tender for the local anti-violence system. LiberaMente Donna does not participate. "Reception methodology canceled"

2021-12-22T18:47:08+01:00December 22 2021|Press releases, News|

LiberaMente Donna ETS, which is part of the network D.i.Re has decided not to participate in the tender for services for combating violence of the Municipality of Terni, even if it has been managing the LiberaTutte anti-violence center since 2014. Veltri, president of D.i.Re: "To urgently review the State-Regions Agreement".

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