Marcella Pirrone, advocate for the network D.i.Re, it was reconfirmed president of WAVE, Women Against Violence Europe, the network that brings together 160 organizations from 46 European countries, from the general assembly held on October 20.

"It is a great recognition for Italy and for the members of D.i.Re that in recent years have contributed to the growth and strengthening of WAVE through the constant presence in terms of participation, competence and feminist practice ", stated Antonella Veltri, President of D.i.Re.

Marcella Pirrone indicated the objectives for his second two-year term, in continuity with the work carried out so far, namely "enhance the WAVE network, increasing participation and strengthening the skills of the individual components, e consolidate the international recognition of WAVE as the only European network that focuses exclusively on the elimination of violence against women and girls, the only one consisting exclusively of women's refuges and homes".

"It's a critical political moment for women's rights on all fronts", Pirrone emphasized," in which we see the Istanbul Convention attacked in various countries. WAVE has to counter these dangerous trends which risk undoing years of conquests in the fight against violence against women ”.

These issues were also at the center of the debate of the Advisory Group of the WAVE management in which some members of the international Group of D.i.Re.