Women with disabilities, and in particular deaf women who are victims of gender-based violence and their children, must also be given the opportunity to receive support and protection.

With this in mind, the video "THE SIGNS AGAINST VIOLENCE TO WOMEN" was created.
To show how to communicate on the subject of violence: to show the signs that represent it, which help to recognize it and ask for help from the Italian anti-violence centers of the network D.i.Re.

The video was made in Italian Sign Language (LIS), thanks to the precious contribution of Dr. Clarissa Bartolini who dedicates her commitment to bringing out the phenomenon of violence against women with disabilities, especially deaf women, and thanks to interpreter Moira Pompili.

For information and help, all women can visit the site direcontrolviolenza.it and the list of the Network's anti-violence centers D.i.RE from this page.