2021 closed with the important results of the project Leaving Violence. Living Safe. that D.i.King developed in partnership with UNHCR, the UN refugee agency.

In particular, this year the work focused on the figure of cultural mediator and on key role they play to support women seeking asylum and refugees on escapes from violence. For this the project Leaving violence. Living safe has activated, since its pilot edition in 2017, a course of training for cultural mediators focused on feminist reading of gender-based violence reception methodology of anti-violence centers D.i.King, to meet their specific needs.

Over the years a pool of cultural mediators has been established who have refined their skills thanks to the progressive integration into the teams of the anti-violence centers D.i.Re. And now this group of professionals is available to all structures - public or private - that welcome migrant women seeking asylum and refugees. To this link find thelist of cultural mediators specifically trained on gender-based violence, with the aim of supporting the emergence of violence and facilitating access to anti-violence centers.

Cultural mediators can be contacted through the reference anti-violence centers, whose contact details are provided on this page. They can support asylum-seeking and refugee women both in person and in long-distance connections. Their remuneration is borne by the institution requesting the professional service.

To be able to better represent the work of the mediators and their contribution in favor of women seeking asylum and refugees, it was made a video.