Nothing new, from the news. Two other women killed: mother and daughter killed in Modena after the woman reported her husband for mistreatment. The case was closed. 

"It is unacceptable that - even today - we should speak of non-recognition of violence in the courts. How many women must be killed for the judicial system to equip itself with the skills necessary to protect the victims of this slaughter? " declares Antonella Veltri, President of D.i.Re - Women on the Net against violence

The national network D.iRe - Women on the Net against violence and all the organizations that make it up reaffirm - for over thirty years - the need for a public attention correct reading of male violence against women. Women suffer violence up to the extreme consequence of losing their lives due to an inequality of power between men and women, in a society governed by the male privilege of patriarchy. 

Without the adequate risk assessment it is not possible to activate an adequate protection system.

Women are killed from men they are in a relationship with. 

Women are killed, because they are not believed by those who have the task of protecting them. 

Women are killed, because justice continues to underestimate the word of women. 

Women are killed, because the institutional anti-violence system does not assess the risk to which they are exposed when they interrupt the relationship with the partner.

Women are killed, because in this country people continue to think that when women report they provoke the violent reaction of the murderer.

Women are killed, because in recent years it has been decided to increase penalties instead of making training and education courses in schools structural.

I Anti-violence Centers D.i.Re welcome women by listening to them, restoring strength and believing their word.

I Anti-violence Centers D.i.Re routinely carry out risk assessment.

"There is a need for a great social, cultural and economic change. It is necessary to make the training of everyone and everyone in the justice system compulsory, identifying the trainers who have the correct analysis of the phenomenon and stopping to neutralize these aspects too, because then it is women who lose their lives. We have been waiting for years for proposals from the Institutions that can lead to real change, activating a correct protection system, as also repeatedly requested by the European Community and GREVIO.”Concludes Antonella Veltri.