D.iRe - Women on the Net against violence urges institutions. Solutions are needed. Good intentions are not enough.

The latest news stories tell us about the death of Carol Maltesi, dismembered and thrown away, found more than two months after the femicide; and the killing of another woman, killed by her husband who then shot himself with the same murder weapon.

Two other femicides add to the long list of women who died at the hands of a man they trusted.

Male violence against women and feminicides must be countered with systemic actions and with continuity.

The comments and institutional and media condemnations, following the umpteenth femicide and forgotten in the following days, do not address the problem.

It is no longer possible to postpone the direct involvement, in the planning of policies and actions of contrast and prevention, of the Anti-violence Centers recognized by the Istanbul Convention and which have been working with women for over thirty years.

We continue to read declarations of intent, to listen to good words expressed in prestigious fora aimed at promising change. We do not see it, but we are sure that many women will continue to be killed this year as well. 

“We continue to give voice to the fight against male violence against women, aware as we are that it does not retreat. Society, very slowly, is implementing some changes that are neither sufficient nor adequate for real needs. We increasingly realize that the long and profound experience of D.i.Re and the anti-violence organizations that compose it is not valued either  taken into consideration for the design of really effective law enforcement policies and actions " says Antonella Veltri, President D.i.Re – Donne in Rete contro la violenza. “We ask the Institutions to put in place the existing measures to substantiate the adequate training of those involved in listening to women at every stage of the process, taking care in the choice of trainers. A complex system must be continuously designed and managed. It is evident that the one in place has flaws and this slaughter cannot only be commented on, it must be stopped, it must be prevented. The new anti-violence plan has been approved; we believe, however, that a process for planning and preventing violence against women must be started urgently, for an authentic change in the management of the anti-violence system. " concludes Veltri.