Violence is not love. Let's not tell stories.

The new campaign of D.i.Re, curated by the Hero Comunicazione agency, is especially designed for girls, but not only. Emphasize that violence - in any form, whether physical or psychological - is never justifiable as an expression of love. It is quite the opposite, it is precisely violence. And in the face of violence, we need to change direction, and do it as soon as possible.

The campaign turns the story upside down - in this Little Red Riding Hood spot - placing the story in today's world, with a contemporary graphic novel style. And it closes with a reference to the network of anti-violence centers D.i.Re. Because throughout Italy the centers can offer support when it is decided to put an end to a love story that risks not moving towards the classic "and they all lived happily ever after" of fairy tales.

Thanks to collaboration with the RAI Social Secretariat the spot is broadcast on the three RAI networks until 11 March. But it is above all through sharing on social media that he plans to reach the highest number of young people. Girls, sure. But also guys. Because men have a lot to lose if they turn into the terrible wolf of the fairytale.

The campaign, which is divided into 3 video subjects and 5 subjects for press and social media was conceived by:

Agency: HERO Communication
Creative director: Eliana Frosali
Art director: Carlo Barbanera
Copywriter: Eliana Frosali
Illustrations and animation: Riccardo Calabrese
Sound design: Lello Ambrosini (SuoniLab)