Women's freedom is a path that is built every day.

Federica Pellegrini supports the anti-violence centers D.i.Kings and their activities to combat male violence.

“Violence against women is an issue that affects everyone and everyone. For this reason, I participated with conviction in the project of D.i.Re, aware that the existence of the Network's anti-violence centers is fundamental for the many women who find themselves in situations of mistreatment or violence. I will continue to work to combat this form of violence, because the change starts with each of us " says Federica Pellegrini.

The anti-violence centers of the D.i.Kings support over 20.000 women for free every year and accompany them on their personal path to escape from violence; together with them they build projects for a new and free life. 

I 110 anti-violence centers they constantly need resources to be able to guarantee the constancy of their work with women: approx 3000 activists on the whole national territory, almost the 70% work on a voluntary basis, without any remuneration.

To support the anti-violence centers and the thousands of women who trust their work, the fundraising 2022 will be dedicated to the Futuro Fund, to provide non-repayable loans to organizations most in difficulty and continue to guarantee their presence in the territories.

 "Our organizations are always looking for sustainable solutions for the implementation of activities and support for the women they welcome. Supporting the anti-violence centers means supporting women in their path to escape from violence and, especially in the territories where the institutions are less active in law enforcement actions, economic support becomes essential.”Declares Antonella Veltri, President D.i.Re – Donne in Rete contro la violenza. "We are happy and proud that Federica Pellegrini has chosen to support us and to make her voice heard in the fight against male violence against women”Concludes Veltri.