Structured around seven thematic areas, broader articulations of the 12 critical areas of the Beijing Platform for Action and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, the Position paper "The change we want. Feminist proposals 25 years after Beijing " was written by 68 feminist experts and activists, active on different themes and of different historical and theoretical provenance, related to 45 different organizations as well as independent authors, with the editorial coordination of D.i.Re – Donne in rete contro la violenza.

The Position paper was launched with a press conference on July 9, 2020  in live streaming in collaboration with the Dire e Saying Women, And is intended for institutions and politicians /that they are elaborating the measures to deal with the crisis unfolding as a result of the Covid19 pandemic.

A crisis which, however, was already widely evident in the global feminist analysis adopted by the Position paper.

The pandemic has only contributed to putting it under the eyes of all in an indisputable way structural injustices and social, economic and gender inequalities rooted in society, confirming that the promise of equality and rights contained in the Declaration and the Platform for Action adopted unanimously by the United Nations at the IV World Conference of Women, in Beijing in 1995, has not been kept. The power and resource management system, governed almost exclusively by men, has failed.

The Position Paper articulates its proposals around

  1. Inclusive development, shared growth and decent work
  2. Poverty, social protection and social services
  3. Male violence against women
  4. Participation, accountability and institutions gender responsive
  5. Peaceful and inclusive societies
  6. Protection, conservation and regeneration of the environment
  7. Institutions and mechanisms for gender equality

and consider these seven thematic areas the fulcrum of a new political agenda to systemically affect the historically unequal power relations between men and women which compromise the possibility for the latter to fully enjoy their human rights in all areas of public and private life and to see the value of their contribution recognized in terms of both paid work and care work.


Download the Position Paper “The change we want. Feminist proposals 25 years after Beijing "

Download the summary of the proposals contained in the Position Paper

Download the Position Paper “The change we want. Feminist Proposal 25 years post Beijing ”in English

They joined the Position Paper 

  • AMICA - Italian doctors association for contraception and abortion
  • ANDE - National Association of Electric Women
  • AOI - Association of Italian NGOs - International cooperation and solidarity
  • ARCI National
  • Wait tired
  • International Women's House - Rome
  • GenPol - Gender & Policy Insights - Cambridge (UK) and Naples
  • Center for documentation and information on gender health - Brescia
  • “Milly Villa” Center for Women's Studies of the University of Calabria
  • University Center for Studies on Gender Medicine - University of Ferrara GMC-UNIFE
  • Concord Italy
  • Italian Global Health Network
  • We Women Network
  • Bread & poppies
  • Human beings first
  • Women Network - Women of the Mediterranean East and South European Nework - Forlì
  • Step Up! Campaign - WAVE
  • Telephone Rosa Piemonte - Turin
  • Terni Women - Terni Women's House
  • UIL - Coordination of equal opportunities
  • WAVE - Women Against Violence Europe