For three years at our side to give a concrete job placement opportunity to all women.

Thanks to their contribution we have succeeded in these two years in train 40 women for their insertion into the world of work and in 2018 another 20 women will have this possibility, strengthening the competences of anti-violence centers in the delicate phase of building autonomy after overcoming the trauma.

Every year, in the month of May, the Denim Day. Launched eighteen years ago by the non-profit association Peace Over Violence, Denim Day was born as a protest reaction to a decision by the Italian Court of Cassation, which decided to revoke a conviction for rape because at the time of the violence the victim was wearing a pair of tight jeans that, according to the magistrates, it would have been impossible to take off without her consent and help. In protest against this sentence, the following day the Italian parliamentarians presented themselves to the Chamber in jeans. This item of clothing has thus become a symbol of the fight against sexual violence, and Denim Day has turned into a global campaign.

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