THEIreos association organizes a day to raise awareness on violence within LGBT romantic relationships, since, although it exists, this phenomenon is not known and visible, it is almost denied until it seems completely non-existent. There are no specific services for LGBT victims and abusers, nor shared practices within the Florentine territory or specific laws.

Furthermore, the fact that we speak exclusively of men abusing women and of abused women - mistreated by men, leads the LGBT community itself not to recognize itself as at risk with respect to abuse and domestic violence, with the consequent difficulty in asking for help. .

This awareness day is characterized as a first step towards the construction of a series of activities to prevent and fight against violence within LGBT couples that the Ireos association intends to pursue.
The training will also be carried out by a representative of D.i.Re, as well as the presence of Artemisia, the historic anti-violence center of Florence.

For registration and information send an e-mail to: