Statement by Antonella Veltri, president of D.i.Re

Yet another femicide of 2021 repeats the usual scheme: a woman suffers violence from her partner, reports the abuse suffered, the police even intervene on the spot and the partner admits the violence. But nothing happens.

Although the Red Code provides that the magistrate listens to the woman after 3 days. Although it is clear - at least to those who work in anti-violence centers - that the thing to do is to immediately activate the protective measures. That exist. On paper.
Again we go back to repeat that the laws are there, that an effort is also being made to improve them, but that the problem remains unchanged: why whoever has to apply them does not always do so.
The time has come for institutions to take responsibility for these announced deaths, for having treated women who denounce violence sufficiently, for not believing them, for not having acted with the necessary timeliness.
Once already Italy was condemned by the European Court of Human Rights - in the Talpis case, for which the enhanced surveillance procedure of Italy by the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe is still open - precisely for not having acted to protect Elisaveta Talpis, who had repeatedly denounced the violence of the his partner. But nothing had been done, and he reduced her to death and killed the son she had had from her first marriage, who rushed to her defense of her.
We don't think new devices are needed. What women need is be heard and believed by law enforcement, is to be protected in the courts where, often, they suffer further violence. With this femicide, what leaps to the eyes and angers us is once again the guilty inaction of the institutions. We ask to be heard, finally.
We ask that the institutions stop making proclamations, of listing imaginative protective measures. We ask that, instead, guarantee the application of existing laws, protection measures, which - by now we know it well - can save the lives of women who report.
And we ask that, while these laws are applied, it is realized an impressive training plan for all and all those who have to do with the life of women living in situations of violence. Training that involves anti-violence centers that have been dealing with male violence against women for more than 30 and who know how to fight it.