#alidiautonomy. From 19 to 26 November the campaign with solidarity number 45593, supported by Ermal Meta.

During the week of the International Day against Violence against Women, it is possible through the number 45593 to donate 2 € (only with SMS from mobile) or 5 / 10 euro (only with landline call) al #alidiautonomia project by D.i.Re, Women on the net against violence.

The campaign invites support for the more than 20.000 women who are welcomed each year by the network's 80 organizations D.i.Re when they leave the refuge and take their lives back fully.

The donations received will allow the realization of the project: a fund to allow women victims of violence and their sons and daughters leaving the shelters to complete the path towards full autonomy in the medium to long term.

The project is aimed at women with particular economic difficulties, and makes available a contribution to cover essential expenses - the advance monthly payments for the rent of a new house, the purchase of furniture and utensils - but also sports and recreational activities for boys and girls so that they can quickly recover a similar life to that of their peers.

Ermal Meta for #alidiautonomia

The #alidiautonomia campaign is supported by Ermal Meta, than with the song Forbidden to die brought the theme of violence against women to the Sanremo Festival, giving voice to the need for a cultural change that involves everyone and everyone to counter it.

How to donate


  • send an SMS from a mobile phone - with any provider and taking care to enter a small text, just one point! - to the number 45593 to donate 2 euros

  • call 45593 from a landline to donate 5 or 10 euros

The donation can be repeated as many times as you want, but only from November 19th until November 26th midnight.


How to promote the campaign

Invite friends, friends, acquaintances, family members and followers to donate 2 or 5 euros to the #alidiautonomia campaign!


  • Visit the social channels of D.i.Re - Facebook, Instagram and Twitter - and share the campaign posts on your social profiles.

  • Access the Facebook page with your mobile phones using thespecific Facebook app; following this link you can take a photo with the "frame" of the campaign, and post it, thus becoming a testimonial of #alidiautonomia.

  • Send an email to your contacts inviting you to make a donation to the number 45593 by inserting the Youtube link that leads to the video, so that even those who are not present on social networks can learn about it: https://youtu.be/T1EWOdyxfrE.

Donate! A text message or a phone call to 45593 from November 19th to 26th can help a woman fly away from violence.