In the light ofPublic notice for the financing of urgent interventions to support the measures adopted by the Refuge Houses and Anti-violence Centers in relation to the health emergency from COVID 19 released today by the Equal Opportunities Department "the revision of the minimum criteria to qualify as anti-violence centers and shelters provided for by the State-Regions Agreement of 27 November 2014 is indispensable and can no longer be postponed., also in light of the limited funding provided ".

This is it request sent today to the Minister for Equal Opportunities Elena Bonetti from D.i.Re, Women on the net against violence. “A revision that is all the more urgent if we want to avoid it yet another fragmentation of resources and energies that derives from the distribution of funding to centers and places that, while working in the social sector, do not have the requisites and specificity of the issue of violence against women, as well as international treaties also impose ”, explains the president of D.i.Re Antonella Veltri.

"The requirements set out in the Understanding of November 27, 2014 provide for general and general criteria, leaving the regions a discretion and autonomy that inexplicably penalized anti-violence centers - fundamental safeguards to combat the phenomenon - including associations and entities of various kinds and origins ”, reads the letter.

"Our assessment is that, even in this case, there will be a pulverization of resources that will not be addressed in a targeted and useful way to support those Centers that have continued to work in the emergency without having any material and economic support ”, says Veltri.

A critical issue that could have a serious impact, if we also consider "the disproportion in the contribution that shelters and anti-violence centers can access", underlines the letter.

"Allocating 15 euros to shelters and only 2.500 euros to anti-violence centers does not reflect the enormous work that the anti-violence centers have carried out in this period in guaranteeing support and listening to women who have asked for help in recent months ”, she adds Mariangela Zanni, councilor D.i.Re of Veneto. “In the same way, it was the anti-violence centers that had to find alternative structures for the reception and hospitality of women who, for reasons of health security, could not enter the shelters, and therefore to bear all the costs”, concludes Zanni.


Here the letter to the Minister of Equal Opportunities Elena Bonetti