7 July 2022.  The Association national D..i.Re - Donne in Rete against violence has decided to revoke the constitution of a civil party against SB, at the time the defendant's fiancée, co-accused in the trial of Alberto Genovese, the former web entrepreneur, accused of sexual violence aggravated by drug use, injury and drug transfer.  Francesca Garisto, criminal lawyer representing D.iKing in the proceedings, he heard the statements of the woman in the last hearing. The complexity of male violence against women and the infinite implications in relationships characterized by violence are not immediately understandable and are therefore not always obvious.  "I assist and support women who have been victims of male violence for 30 years, and I recognize a relationship that is dangerous for women when I listen to it”Said Francesca Garisto.

Today, the Milan Public Prosecutor's Office asked for a sentence of 8 years in prison and an 80 thousand euro fine for Alberto Genovese. The violence that emerged in the proceedings is unprecedented, carried out in a context of ruthless objectification of very young women, used, attracted by the offer of drugs, parties and holidays, treated as tools for the confirmation of their power by those who - as emerges from the acts - claims to want "stupid and young women" to use them as objects depriving them of humanity and identity.  "Everything that Alberto Genovese reported during the interrogations and during the hearing forms a story that returns the image of a man oriented exclusively to himself, to his ego and to self-pity - says Francesca Garisto. "Genovese told of how much and how drugs have reduced him to a larva, of how his friends took advantage of him to obtain advantages, of how much he was devoid of authentic human relationships but he did not address a thought of understanding, of human pietas, for abused young women. For Alberto Genovese - Garisto concludes - the intervention of the police was providential because it saved him from irreparable damage to his health and probably from death given the large quantity of drugs he took more every day, without ever saying, and I never stress, a word about how many young women were saved thanks to his arrest".

"What emerges from this process is disheartening. A vision of women, which still represents the female image that the anti-violence centers of the national network oppose on a daily basis, an image that demeans women as D.i.Re remember every day. We will be alongside women and our lawyers who assist them in judicial battles to support, even in the courtrooms, a thought addressed to women, without prejudice and stereotypes. As a national network, we pursue our goals with the 83 organizations and activists who work daily to undermine this patriarchal culture”Declares Antonella Veltri, President D.i.Re.