D.i.Re – Women online against violence: 87 organisations, 106 anti-violence centres, 62 shelters.

Every year they welcome approximately 21.000 women who are looking for their way out of violence, 21.000 women from 34.500 who - according to ISTAT - turn to all 373 anti-violence centers present on Italian territory

“A huge effort” declares the president of D.i.King, Antonella Veltri “A daily job that the approximately 3.000 activists of D.i.Re they carry out with competence and responsibility, attentive to the safety and respectful of the anonymity of the women welcomed. The funds available to anti-violence centers are always too few [one euro a day for each woman welcomed, according to Istat] and this shortage puts their very survival at risk” continues the president. “Despite this, we continue to guarantee our presence and support to women. This is why we called the campaign WE ARE THERE"

An fundraising campaign dictated by the need to support the many organizations in crisis due to the lack of institutional funds, their lack of homogeneity across the national territory and their lack of continuity and security.

A political fundraiser, which has the objective of guaranteeing women who live in situations of mistreatment or violence to be able to have a safe place where they can be welcomed and accompanied on their path to freedom.

"We ask those who have an interest in a truly free society to support the anti-violence centers of the Internet D.i.Re, places of freedom for all women, who work for that change which, if implemented, will benefit everyone" continues the president. “With this campaign we also want to give the sign of those who really intend to support the change that can no longer be postponed in the culture and in the choice of a policy that continues to maintain the status quo, of the inaction that leads women to suffer violence, up to feminicide”Concludes Veltri.